♟️Arsa Network Revenue Strategy

Arsa Network plans to utilize the revenues generated from the provision of its tools in exchange for ARSA token payments. These revenues will be divided, with 40% allocated to platform development and remuneration, while the remaining 60% will be dedicated to rewards for all ARSA token holders.

The dividends will be collected in a designated dashboard, enabling users to monitor their earnings and claim their portion of the profits. This model presents an opportunity for passive income generation for Arsa Network users, who can earn ARSA tokens simply by utilizing the platform's services.

As more users engage with the platform and utilize its tools, the volume of transactions and revenues will increase, resulting in higher dividends for token holders. This incentivizes users not only to use the platform but also to promote its adoption, fostering a self-sustaining cycle of growth and profitability for the Arsa Network community.

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